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But given the finite nature of our time, the likelihood is that other sources will more reliably yield innovations. Luck and good fortune in all of its forms including chance encounters will always have a featured seat at the innovation table.

We all die empty-handed

But unplanned meetings are characterized as "chance" for a reason. They can happen anywhere and at any time. And they do. So if innovation is your goal, what is one to do? I'll put my chips down any day on design thinking over chance encounters as the wellspring of innovation. In other words, a deliberately creative, planned process versus random run-ins. He specializes in alternative workplace strategy, workplace experience design, change management, portfolio strategy, and applied design thinking. Published by Gensler, a global design firm with 5, practitioners networked across five continents, GenslerOn features insights and opinions of architects and designers on how design innovation makes cities more livable, work smarter, and leisure more engaging.

Connected devices and their wealth of data have led to significant improvements in operational efficiency a Our data reveal what is truly going on in the current workplace, with insights on how workplace design can Photo courtesy Gensler. Amenities with the greatest impact on effectiveness and experience are those that directly support the work Courtesy Pixabay.

Our buildings and cities will have to experiment with new climate responsive forms, and in many cases, the Many companies are influenced by the misconception that only some projects can qualify as sustainable.


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The degree of open or enclosed doesn't matter in high-performing work environments. If the space is designe Glazed, north-facing overhead windows bring in natural light that enhances the work environment for staff and creates a daylight autonomous environment. The design eliminates the need for artificial light in the building during daylight hours. The architecture, engineering, and construction industry will have to make major adjustments in the years a A mix of sit-stand stations and collaboration areas support agile working.

When our Gensler La Crosse office relocated last year, we leveraged the opportunity to support an agile wor Known as the Teacher coLab, the rejuvenated space takes inspiration from academic incubators in higher educ June Past Issues. May April March February Subscribe to magazine Renew magazine subscription Subscribe to the Daily 5 newsletter.

All Issues. Giants Download Survey. Reconstruction Awards Enter Today! Building Team Awards Enter Today! May , NYC.

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Recent Videos. Technical Glass Products Named 1 Specified. Metal Insights: City National Arena. All Videos Building Science - Sponsored. Chance encounters in workplace design: The winning ticket to the innovation lottery? March 07, Marc Bruffett. Or will it? GenslerOn Gensler. Auckland Airport — Auckland, New Zealand.

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The journey cries out for conversation particularly if you seat yourself next to the driver. A lament curdles: how sad that India was partitioned — so unnecessary, so painful! If only people took matters in their own hands, but no politician allows that. We must live with our fate: as separated brothers for whom reunion is forever denied. The driver refuses to take any money.

Money is finally exchanged and reciprocal pleasantries bring the encounter to a close. I must have gone through this ritual hundreds of times in the last two decades.

Away from their respective homelands, diasporic South Asians feel a special, fleeting bond that they fail to replicate when they return. When I hailed a taxi on my recent visit to Sydney, one Abdul Mallick from Karachi stopped by the curb and asked me to get in.

The excellent new video game show on Netflix only exists because of a chance encounter

He had the look of a proper, god-fearing Muslim — a beard that would be perfectly V-shaped if it was not inordinately long, facial hair shaven away from squeaky clean, shining, cheekbones. He had no moustache. This is the kind of religious appearance that ordinary Hindus associate with a kattar mussalman, or dangerous Muslim.

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The conversation had a predictable beginning but then took an unexpected turn. He gets Jannat only if he does good in the here and now, right? But he openly plunders his homeland and does no good to his holy land; all he is interested in is amassing power and wealth for himself and his family. He is simply not being a good Muslim.

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I was stumped, but listened intently. No, sir, they only amassed more power and wealth for themselves. These people are rotten. They are so caught up in this terrible game that they have no qualms about betraying their mother or wife. Or perhaps what Benazir passed on to her family was just this: greed for power and wealth. Perhaps simplistic and too harsh on the family, I thought, but he had a point.

The stakes in big time moneymaking and power wielding are so high that ordinary values of love, affection, and respect are easily set aside. But are the really wealthy and the powerful listening, I wondered.

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