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In the ditch at the cross-roads the fallen rider lay Hugging his dead machine and did nor stir At crunch of mortar, tantrum of a Bren Answering a Spandau's manic jabber. Then into sight the ambulances came, Stumbling and churning past the broken farm, The amputated sign-post and smashed trees, Slow wagonloads of bandaged cries, square trucks That rolled on ominous wheels, vehicles Made mythopoeic by their mortal freight And crimson crosses on the dirty white. This grave procession passed, though, for a while, The grinding of their engines could be heard, A dark noise on the pallor of the morning, Dark as dried blood; and the it faded, died.

The road was empty, but it seemed to wait - Like a stage which knows the cast is in the wings - Wait for a different traffic to appear.

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The mist still hung in snags from dripping thorns; Absent-minded guns still sighed and thumped. And then they came, the walking wounded, Straggling the road like convicts loosely chained, Dragging at ankles exhaustion and despair. Their heads were weighted down by last night's lead, And eyes still drank the dark. They trailed the night Along the morning road.

Some limped on sticks; Others wore rough dressings, splints and slings; A few had turbanned heads, the dirty cloth Brown-badged with blood. A humble brotherhood, Not one was suffering from a lethal hurt, They were not magnified by noble wounds, There was no splendour in that company. And yet, remembering after eighteen years, In the heart's throat a sour sadness stirs; Imagination pauses and returns To see them walking still, but multiplied In thousands now.

The Lord continues His work by changing the wrong thinking that got me here in the first place. Once a pro-choice supporter, I realize now that the choice is not ours to make.

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If one out of three women who have personally experienced an abortion; imagine how many more are out there struggling with other issues like death, divorce, addictions, or abuse…just to name a few! Sometimes we need a reminder that we are so much more than our haircuts, our decorating skills, or even our kids.

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We are created in the image of Christ and He wants to use us for His glory. The Lord wants us to share our lives and our testimonies so others can see His glory.

What is your story? Our gracious God never ceases to amaze me with what He can do and I am humbled that He wants to use me at all. Be a vessel. Be one that God can use - to help someone who may feel surrounded by darkness, to show compassion and not condemnation, to comfort and to show the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. It was no accident that God made women to be compassionate and nurturing creatures.

The album saw the group adopting a more electronic and dance -based style, following the success of the remixed version of " Missing " from their previous album, Amplified Heart. Four tracks from the album were released as singles, including the drum and bass -influenced "Walking Wounded" and the house -influenced " Wrong ", which became top ten hits on the UK Singles Chart , as well as the downtempo track "Single", which set Tracey Thorn 's emotionally direct vocal against breakbeats, organ and strings, [2] and "Before Today".

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Walking Wounded is the duo's highest charting album to date, reaching number four in the United Kingdom and number 37 in the United States. By February , it had sold , copies worldwide, according to Billboard. The album's cover art is unusual in that it features an album's barcode on both the front and back of the album. Walking Wounded was reissued by Edsel Records as a two-disc deluxe set in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This is an article about the album by Everything but the Girl, For other uses, see Walking wounded disambiguation. Everything but the Girl. Electronica trip hop dream pop sophisti-pop [1] drum and bass. Atlantic Virgin. Ashley Wales John Coxon. Retrieved 2 September Retrieved 23 March