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In another ploy, the boy tries to hide from "sheriff" Dad, and it is only when Dad resorts to magic that the tired cowboy is lured into bed. In Cowboy Kid the same toddler is now old enough for preschool, but he still needs his cuddly sidekicks and well-worn Stetson hat for comfort at night. He also needs hugs and kisses—but exactly how many of those will lull him into sleep? Dad is called upon again to rustle up a solution to this common bedtime dilemma. In School Library Journal, Judith Constantinides deemed Cowboy Kid "just as appealing" as its predecessor and an "excellent bedtime offering.

Several of Heap's self-illustrated stories have been published in the United States as well as in her native England, earning her fans on both sides of the Atlantic. In Baby Bill and Little Lil two tiny siblings set out on an adventure after Baby Bill decides that he wants a pet "fishy. No one is hurt, but Bill's pail lands in the ocean and is swept away by the tide. When he begins to weep, Lil encourages him to be patient, and together they wait for the tide to turn and the pain to return as their animal friends one by one give up hope and leave.

What Shall We Play? Is Suing Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - 5/2/2000

In What Shall We Play? Lily May must wait for her turn to choose a playtime activity. She wants to be a fairy, but first she must cooperate with her friends by posing, in turn, as a tree, a car, and even a blob of Jell-O. In the end, the girl's patience is rewarded when her friends join her in a game of fairies, sprouting imaginary wings and wands and flying away. Four Friends Together tackles the thorny issue of competition. Mary Clare wants to read to her stuffed animals, but she cannot accommodate them all at once.

If she sits close enough to Seymour the sheep, Rachel the rabbit cannot see the pictures. In order to make Rachel happy, Mary Clare must move farther from Florentina the bear. How Mary Clare solves this problem provides the happy ending to a story a Publishers Weekly reviewer deemed an "imaginative playtime romp" and an "enchanting tale. Florentina, Rachel, Seymour, and Mary Clare return in Four Friends in the Garden, as the group enjoys a day out of doors, as the difficulty of chasing butterflies in the hot summer sun is relieved by a glass of cold lemonade.

Praising the toddler appeal of Heap's sequel, School Library Journal contributor Kathleen Kelly MacMillan cited the book's "bold, playful acrylic illustrations and lovable characters. Even though she writes her own books, Heap dedicates most of her time to illustrating the works of others. Reviewing The Hungry Monster, a story by Phyllis Root that explores the attempts of a monster, newly arrived from outer space, to find something truly edible Horn Book contributor Marilyn Bousquin noted that Heap's "bold watercolors" convey a "sophisticated simplicity.

Walkins, while in Booklist Cooper dubbed the collaboration a "marvelous melding of knowing observation and funny, sunny, on-the-money art. Ruby and Garnet look exactly alike, but they are polar opposites in personality and ambition. Their differences surface during a period of family upheaval, when their father finds a new girlfriend and takes a job in a new city. Faced with these challenges, each girl musters the courage to assert her individuality. In addition to illustrating Wilson's novel, Sharratt and Heap have also teamed up on several original picture books, among them the concept books One to Ten and Back Again!

In her spare time Heap likes to ride motorcycles and travel to faraway places. As she explained on the This Is Oxfordshire Web site, "I do feel that my job is a huge honour and it still delights and surprises me to find myself in this profession…. I think I'm very lucky. Publishers Weekly, January 12, , review of Double Act, p. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. June 27, This Death Cafe is taking place immediately after Outside the Box, a one-woman show by Liz Rothschild, about death, breaking the taboos.

Nothing makes me think more Wimborne Library's first Death Cafe will be held upstairs on the mezzanine floor lift available , with two experienced facilitators. Being in palliative care, we believe it is important to get people talking about death and dying and to feel more open and comfortable discussing this subject which is often seen as taboo. Death Cafe A space to talk about death. There is no agenda or ideology, everyone present will participate in an open, respectful discussion and there will be cake! You can find us sitting at the back of the quirky cafe , sometimes laughing like drains and sometimes deep in thought.

We're very excited about holding our first Death Cafe. Given good weather we will meet in the library garden. If it's raining or chilly we'll move the gathering indoors. I think Death Cafes are important because, as a society, we rarely discuss death, even though the inevitability of death is the only thing we can predict in life. Many of us don't have the opportunity to talk openly about death with others yet there be many things we would like to think about and discuss.

A Death Cafe provides the space to Ce sont les ceux Finland: Kukka- ja hautauspalvelu Rosanna , Vuorikatu 25 , Kuopio , In Kuoleman kahvila we gather together for a coffee and cake and talk about death and dying. I would be honored if you would take the time to join me and engage in this conversation. This is not meant to be a morbid conversation, but instead a very human one where we Thank you to our sponsor, Newton Cemetery for the opporunity to bring yet another Death Cafe to this beautiful venue.

Living Wisely, Dying Well faciliates, encourages and fosters conversations about death and dying through community engagement. We start off with some kindly Death Cafe standard rules to keep the conversations safe and friendly It is whatever United States: N. Blakely St , Dunmore , PA , Camelback Rd.

Talking about death in Phoenix. Speacial thanks to Rosie Lira for sharing the space at her store. Melting Heart Boutique. Cake and refreshments will be provided. Death, dying, thin times, bardo states have been pretty consistent parts of my life though I've lacked people to Mexico: Uno en voluntad , Av.

It is not grief support or therapy, rather a group of people interested in discussing death, dying and Death Cafe Oakland is a safe, welcoming place in which people share their ideas, concerns, fears, and hopes about death as well as coffee, tea, and cookies. Death Cafe is a global movement. There have My Death Cafes are pretty informal. I generally open with a quick introduction of names and then ask if anyone would like to bring something up, and let conversation go as it will.

Any topic This Death Cafe is usually run in my home, so please call or email me to confirm the address details. Death Cafes are wonderful places to exchange information about death. This is not a support, or grief group, but it is an opportunity to share experiences, dreams, thoughts, fears, and hopes regarding death. It will provide an opportunity for individuals of any background, religion, culture or belief to meet At monthly meetings we provide a relaxed, supportive environment to discuss and share stories and thoughts about life, death and everything in between.

Death may be the only thing in life we can truly count on, yet in many modern societies death has been sanitized and hidden from public view, to the point of becoming a taboo subject As well as the Death Cafe on The objective is 'to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their finite lives'.

Please save your place at the table by visiting the Eventbrite link and booking your free ticket. About this Death Cafe. We invite you to come and join us for open conversations about life, death and everything in between. People will be encouraged to share stories, experiences and ask questions however it I'm running this Death Cafe in Dying Matters Awareness Week as part of a wider opportunity to provide a safe and respectful setting for open discussion. Join the conversation! At Death Cafe Taunton at the Creative Innovation Centre, you will find a safe and respectful setting to discuss death, celebrate life, and of course, enjoy a hot drink By Davina Radford.

This series of four Death Cafes will take place at a public eatery. We are choosing to open this up to a public space because the past four Death Cafes have been in the privacy Having visited Death Cafes recently and travelled quite a distance in order to do so, we feel it would be a good idea to hold one in our local area. Please note: this location is not at the usual Library, they are sitll workign on that building from a fire. Over organisations collaorate annually to create an inspiring trail of events with talks, workshops, performance, live music and more.

I've been attending Death Cafes as a participant for a year or so now and really wanted to arrange one myself in my local area of Queens Park in North West London. The Death Jeden 3. Death Cafes have been held in over 60 different countries Melchor Ocampo , Col. This is a participant-guided open conversation about death and dying. Food and drinks are available, but not provided This event came about because a friend is accompanying his relative through his 'end of life' journey, and wanted to be better equipped for this.

We have dipped into Kathryn Mannix's book "With The A group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. Eat at the Food Hub beforehand or just buy delicious cakes and drinks on the way to your discussion table Part of a Join us for tea, cake and conversations about death. Discussion will You would be very welcome to come along to our friendly discussion group.

We've recently been meeting once a month. In this may change, so watch this space or check out the Malvern We have Death Cafes planned for the 3rd Wed. We'll take the summer off, June - August and will begin our 7th season in Sept. We always Over food and drink come together to talk all things death and dying, in a safe, open-minded space. The aim is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their finite We want to make talking about death a more normal conversation.

We are a group of like minded professionals that want to join together to talk about death. We hope to encourage discussion of death, to make it less scary and help people make preparations to free them up to enjoy life freely. Note that this is not a therapy group. If you are suffering from fear, grief or loss, you may The idea behind this project is to create a safe space within the heart of the community where people are supported with conversations about death and dying.

Death Cafes are a chance to eat, drink tea and talk about death in a safe and supportive environment. The event will be facilitated by one of our experienced social workers, Kate Wells, who works with people of all ages to help them process issues surrounding death. We'll provide a Want a safe space to talk about death, dying, what it means? Can we talk about suicide? Thanks to Nice if you buy a We think it's important that people have the conversation about death and dying so please come along and join us. United States: E. Trow Ave.

The Chelan Senior Center in Chelan Washington is donating a wonderful space for this program to have life. We are enjoying the opportunity to talk with our community members and share their insights to what is important in their personal plans. Many of our guests have come to all the gatherings, some just for the coffee and cookies, others for more insight to what they All welcome to drink tea, eat cake and talk about death. No set agenda, participants choose what they want to talk about.

Maybe we are caring for someone who's dying You will find us sitting at the back of the canteene , sometimes laughing like drains and sometimes deep in thought. United States: Augusta St. The event will be run in a circle We would like staff to come along to an informal, comfortable environment to ask questions. Our meetings are informal and inspiring and every time you think you have covered everything you continue to hear new things, gain new insights and a different perspective. This Pop-up Death Cafe is one of a series of events Poppy's Funerals is organising for Dying Matters Awareness Week to encourage people to broach the subject of death and dying in a friendly As part of Dying Matters Week , we're hosting a Death Cafe - a place to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death.

Death isn't always easy to talk about, but on Monday 13th This is the community service building on the corner of Prideaux and Fitzwilliam. Please use the Prideaux St entrance. Doors will be open from - This is a secure building. United Kingdom: Eden Valley Hospice ,. There seems to be a growing need for those in the metro area to get together with other like-minded Jackson Street , Carbondale, IL , Interested in talking about death? There is no agenda and we are not trying to sell you anything, you At this death cafe mortals will gather to eat cookies , drink tea and discuss death.

After hosting two Death Cafe's in , I've found that there is a real demand in this area to discuss death! Every cafe, I make a special death by chocolate treat. I encourage Combe Grove is a beautiful and peaceful retreat haven 3 miles outside Bath kindly hosting the Death Cafe in The Orangery room. Places are limited to 12 spaces to help encourage informality and conversation. Please join us in a relaxed setting to discuss death, drink tea, and eat cake. Death Cafes are gatherings to share thought-provoking, engaging and respectful conversations on death.

They are not intended as a bereavement Come join us, over coffee and cake, to chat about death in a relaxed and confidential environment. It is not a support group for bereavement counselling. Through a facilitated group discussion, you will have a relaxed, informal space where you can talk freely and openly. Afterwards, feel United States: Maurice M. We're offering a Death Cafe due to local interest. This is a first-time event for us and it is being sponsored by Anne Wennhold. This will be the second Death Cafe run at the Chapel.

Ours is a liberal spiritual community with no hidden agendas. We welcome people of all faiths and none, to come and discuss end of I'm super excited to have an opportunity to hear a lot of young people's Bay Area Cancer Connections supports anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer with personalized services that inform and empower. It's certainly convent and walkable, too. This is our aim to raise public awareness about death by hosting the conversation people have been avoiding at Death Cafe Murdoch.

We strive to create and provide an open and friendly environment for you Join us in lively conversation as we explore with loving curiosity and generous listening, "what death can teach us about living fully"--Frank Ostaseski, Author of "The Five Invitations". This is the first Death Cafe that I have run, but I shall endeavour to run further Death Cafe events on the second Wednesday of the month at different venues throughout the Wirral.

I started this Death Cafe in whilst I was caring for my dementia'd mum. So I could learn more about end of life, signs to watch for. How to accompany her in those We hope to provide a relaxed and informal setting to bring the subject of death out of the shadows. With open and honest discussion we aim to reduce death-phobia and find value in speaking honestly about a subject that is often taboo. Welcome to this Portland Death Cafe, which will be downstairs in the Edward Gorey room with the bear! Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation. We are all in this together and no one Mexico: Calle Vidrio , Col.

Americana , Guadalajara , Jalisco , Yes indeed! A new location has been secured and, having had a DC-H there on April 10, we really like it! For those who may be unaware, the restaurant we have been meeting at since This is the second Death Cafe set up by Gallaudet students. The first was on-campus and private. Classroom space just did not feel right so we have asked the Starbucks Signing Store to be our Mexico: La Jacaranda , 4 Dr. Coss , Patzcuaro , Michoacan , Mexico , At a Death Cafe, we drink tea and coffee, eat cake, and discuss death. The aim is to increase awareness of death to help ourselves make the most of our finite lives.

What's on Death Cafes provide a comfortable, informal setting in which to discuss a wide range of topics related to death and dying. What's on your mind? Bring your thoughts, concerns, and curiosity to share with Since I was a child i have been fascinated that We all show up here on earth and then we all go away. Death Cafes are not therapy or practical. They are people getting together over a cup of tea and a slice of cake to talk about death.

The Death Cafe will be led by the attendees, there will be no agenda and the only subject up for discussion is death and dying!! United States: N Dunton Avenue , For most of us, death is a taboo and uncomfortable subject. Join us for a thoughtful discussion about the end of life and share your experiences, thoughts, and fears about death in a relaxed setting You are invited! Date, time and location Sarah and I are excited to host our 3rd Death Cafe!!

Sunday May 5th The location! The conference room at DAIP on the 3rd This is the third Death Cafe in Teignmouth and we are back at the Alice Cross Centre who have agreed to sponsor the event. Thank you Alice Cross! We're grateful to St. Paul's church for providing a comfortabel space for us to meet. We welcome all perspectives, and are not strictly a Christian group. I always provide some refreshments, including delicious Death Cafe Saratoga has been attended by people of all ages; from 20 somethings to 90 somethings have enjoyed this agenda-free space in which to express thoughts, feelings and concerns about a topic that most This Death Cafe is offered as a place to share, discuss and open to our personal insights and inner dialog about death and dying.

Together we bring this powerful conversation to light. Free registration we need to know how much cake to buy! Everyone welcome. Please contact the library Since my childhood I've always been drawn to the topic death as it fascinated me to know what happens after our life. Thats why I followed my mission and became a Soul Midwife to Das macht mich wirklich happy.

This is not a support group nor a venue for bereavement. It is an opportunity for folks to explore their thoughts, feelings Spain: Pedro Enea San Pelaio. Basque Country. This will be a special edition intended to become aware about the big gender difference around talking and thinking about death and dying, the grief process, frailty and taking care of others specially people with Death Cafe in Highton, Geelong is sponsored by The Healing Web to create an open-hearted and informal space for sharing stories about life, death and everything in between, so that we can live life fully East , Warren, PA , Well yes 'really'.

A Death cafe is a safe environment to chat, eat cake and drink tea. Not that we need a 'safe' place It's a privilege to offer a safe, informal space in which to talk about death and dying Death Cafe is a growing international movement of people who come together in a relaxed and safe setting to discuss death and drink tea. Conversation about whatever is on your mind regarding death takes place Maple , West Bloomfield , Michigan , Food and drink is available for purchase before the discussion begins.

In addition to coffee, tea, and cookies, we will have fruit and nuts for those avoiding gluten. Death Cafe of Loudoun County provides a comfortable, informal setting in which to discuss a wide range of topics related to death and dying. Share your thoughts and explorations with We are thrilled to be partnering with the Escondido Public Library again!

Come with an open mind, a healthy curiosity, and It is an opportunity to share in dialogue around life, death, tranistion. It is a safe and confidential forum, free, with no other agenda I love the conversations which arise at our Esperance Death Cafes, and how much participants are free to ask questions and offer knowledge to others.

The following cuppa and cake is a great way to United States: Indiana Interchurch , W. Using "Go Wish" cards, to facilitate, we hold space for personal discussion about attendees' feelings and thoughts about death and dying. United States: , Leverett, MA , This death cafe is free and open to the public but you must RSVP: eemiller deathjewel. United States: Mt.

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No one gets out alive. We all have a sell-by date! Join us to converse thoughtfully, respectfully, and safely humor is invited, too. Bring your questions, fears, experiences, ideas, and plans. Bring a friend. Indonesia: Jalan Raya Singakerta , Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning , Ubud, Bali , As this is now my third consecutive Death Cafe, I am really excited to see what comes up this time! I have always been fascinated by the topic of death, and am excited to explore You are invited to eat cake, drink tea and talk about death.

Death Cafe is not a bereavement group or a counseling session. It is group discussion with the aim of increasing our awareness of NW , Washington, D. I want to change the way we think about dying and thus the way we live. Death Cafe has the same purpose and is filled with those who do. When I host a Death Cafe I like to facilitate really laid back events. Grab a seat and a refreshment, listen to me ramble off a brief indrocution, and then let the death discussion begin! We wanted to offer an opportunity for people in our area to have conversations around death and life in a comfortable setting where there are no pressures on anyone to decide, agree or do anything.

A chat about death over coffee and cake might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it could get people talking about a subject that is still taboo for many. In our Death Cafes Together we will strive to create a lively atmosphere as we explore values, creative options, and fun ideas. This space will provide an opportunity for individuals of any background, religion, culture or belief to meet together in a non-judgemental environment to talk openly about death and dying. Meetings are informal, insightful and far Join us Wednesday 24th April for an evening filled with life-affirming conversations about our mortality.

We are delighted to be hosting this Death Cafe in The Green Shed, a friendly, cosy and informal space Virginia Beach Blvd , Norfolk , We are all dying, but are we all living? Death is a part of life, so why is death such a taboo subject? Let's re-open the conversation. And of course there's always tea We are being generously hosted by San Francisco Unity but it has no overtones of religiosity. We begin with a poem and a moment of silence I am running the Death Cafe in Reno as a community service.

I am passionate about the Death Cafe values and philosophy of openly talking about death which then enriches our finite lives. Mexico: Oliver Cafe , Av. Lazaro Cardenas , Morelia , Michoacan , Mexico , In small groups, students will facilitate disscusions about all things dying, death, and living! There will also be cake. The death cafe will be overseen by Dr. Tullis to ensure that everything is appropriate and within the guidelines. This event's goal is to introduce a mainly student population to the concept of their own motality with an intersectional lens.

The GITA mission is to create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming This is an open social forum. The discussion develops and flows based on the needs of the group. No bias zone! We are holding these death cafes to better comprehend community needs around death Cyprus: Aigialousis 1 , Kelia , Larnaca , Bringing Death into our small circles heals grief and suffering. Join us for a thoughtful discussion about the end of life and share your experiences, thoughts, and fears about death in a relaxed and This is not a support or grief group, but it is an opportunity to share experiences, dreams, thoughts, fears, and hopes regarding death.

NE , Albuquerque , NM , Passages is the leading provider of green burial and cremation products to the funeral industry. Camelback Road , Phoenix , AZ , Oketo , Harwood Hts. We'll take the summer off, June - August and will begin our 7th season in Sept United States: Albemarle St. NW , Washington , DC , Visit Iona's website to get more information about how to participate in upcoming events.

April 16th is National Health Decision's Day-- a time to reflect on healthcare decisions related to end on life care and advance planning--what better time to reflect on death and how we choose to confront hard choices. We are two trained advance care planning facilitators who aim to normalize the conversation in our community about death and dying, and help people learn how to plan for a good end. A Spanish interpreter Washington St.

Please join the conversation! We appreciate a response that you will attend so we can plan seating. Thomas , Sanford, FL , There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Join us on Tax Day for our next Death Cafe. Remember, this is an open, non-judgemental group designed to discuss and overcome the taboo topic of This is an unsponsored event by a member of Odd Fellows. Our world is an uncertain place at the moment with a high incidence of opioid overdoses that is deeply affecting the demographics in our We want people to come together to share stories and thoughts on death and dying in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

United States: Lake St. Oak Park, IL , At this death cafe mortals will gather to eat cake , drink tea and discuss death. Death is generally considered a taboo subject in Western culture.

Death Cafe – Mit dem Tod bei Kaffee und Kuchen

Our objective is to increase awareness of death and explore how this may enhance our everyday well-being. We love talking about death! We believe these conversations are healthy and enjoyable and allow us a greater acceptance of our own mortality. Past Death Cafes have included laughter, sometimes tears, and of course refreshments The Walworth Death Cafe will be held in a relaxed atmosphere at 55 East, a community cafe. Come along and talk about death in a relaxed non confrontational way. It is a confidential and safe A spring time Death Cafe, with lots of delicious cake and stimulating discussion!

No need to book - just come along to share and listen and explore something that touches us all throughout our lives. I am extremely grateful to have the Centers for Spiritual Living space for this event. We will be surrounded by local art We have been getting requests for the next one so on very short notice will be doing a second one We are enthusiastic to engage with members of our local community in conversation, coffee and cake!

It is requested that all participants come with an open mind and respect all points Event is free, all are welcome, people are asked to pay for their own refreshments. Please note that L'Exquisit serve teas, coffees, herbal infusions and different milks as well as quality and tasty pastries and cakes! El evento es gratuito y todxs son bienvenidxs. Cada unx paga sus propio refresco y comida. En el L'Exquisit se prepara deliciosos pasteles y sierven tes, infusiones Chicago Ave , Chicago, IL , However, talking about death early and often can help us confront our own fears and questions and help us make informed decisions for ourselves and Viterbo Univeristy will be holding a Death Cafe coordinated by students in its Death and Dying course.

Doors open at , conversation starts at Feel free to bring a hand-held dessert or snack to share if you wish. All are welcome and admission is free. Donations will be accepted An opportunity especially for people who can't make it to working-hours gatherings! If you'd like a chance to talk freely about any aspects of death, dying and bereavement, join us in the meeting room between 6 and 8pm. Back by popular demand! At Death Cafe, Humboldt people drink tea, eat cake and discuss death in community. River Road , Manchester , This event is free but please support our hosts at Thyme by buying a drink and indulging in one of their amazing cakes gluten- free and vegan options usually available.

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Having explored internet and local arts venues and considered community interests we have invited the suggestion of hosting a death cafe to our local cafe, friends, family, colleagues and agreed we would love to open I want to sue everyone that is involved in this case with the CPS case. Over a year ago, my sister had a nice house, a job, a loving husband and three children, while pregnant with her fourth child.

As a result, one Sunday morning, while the children were in the nursery, the workers noticed that the youngest was a little sick, and her face was a bit dirty. They told CPS that my brother was living with my sister and her family. CPS came to investigate and forced Denise to take the children in for forensic testing. This is such a heartbreaking situation. Im sorry for your sister. I am dealing with cps myself its horrible they lie and twist things to make the families look bad and everyone knows it.

I actually paid my own attorney never the court appointed attorneys they work with the state why would they defend you. I hope the situation improves and what was the outcome in court? I have custody of my daughters for 6 weeks during the summer, I live in California and my daughters reside in Louisiana with their father. Prior to our divorce, he established there schooling and residence in Louisiana and I could not gain custody at that time. Last summer my youngest daughter informed me not 5 minutes after in my care, that her uncle had been sexually molesting her. I was mortified, to also learn that she had confided in her La family and they forbid her to tell me or anyone.

Also that her abuser had threatened her life. I flew them to California and contacted my local authorities. They did everything they could, however there was a current custody order and despite my many attempts legally, I had to return them to their father. However, it was very apparent that the girls were not lying. I requested that my daughters have a fair investigation and that another worker be signed to their case. This was not done. The evidence of Audio testimony by my daughters was never requested even after I specifically told them to request not only the sheriff report but the audio.

CPS completed their report without showing their father in any negative lighting. My daughters were on their own in Louisiana and still are. My youngest daughter will not even speak to me unless she is being hateful or hurtful to me. Their father allows them to be rude and hurtful and is single-handedly alienating them from me, their mother. The CPS Manager has lied to her superiors about contacting me and giving me information and I have evidence of this. CPS also refused to testify in our civil court and the Judge approved that request.

My daughters did not and are currently not receiving any help from their abuse and CPS is not even enforcing counseling for my daughters. I want to make light of this situation without harming my daughters and I want them to be compensated for CPS not doing their jobs to keep them safe. I will be doing as much research as I can to make sure this happens!

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated! Ellen, I would not contact CPS in a case like this. I would file for a review of custody in family court in Louisiana. Let a judge decide who the children should be with. You want to leave Louisiana cps out of it as much as you can they will go against, they will stand up to judge with all kind of lies…do like Linda suggested and file in family court. If a child is 12 years old a judge will usually let them say where they want to go. You may have to move back here for a short time to rebuild the trust with your children, they are blaming you for what is happing to them but its not your fault.

From the age 9 to 11 I was sexual abused by my step father! In I contacted authorities to finally speak about what had happened to me! Now crying I just told you yesterday! My mother didnt care nor never pushed the issue of my step father being charged becausethan who would take care of her!

Honestly Noone cared about me or my well being as a child not even the ones paid to protect me! When the detective called me she said all she can tell meis to get myself a good attorney and she would give me copies of all the documents she had! I still have them yet its all I have He never got in trouble I was continued to be raised by him and my mother! Who than resented me and made me do way more than any of my bothers and sister who are their biological children together!

I have no family I have always been the black sheep yet I was only a child just trying to get by in a cruel word : Any suggestions of lawyers or what I should do from here! I would try to talk to someone asap. You are the black sheep because of what happened to you. Your family wants you to shut up. Can you find a lawyer to help you. I know I had a family that broke my bones. They are dead now. But if I could I would go after them for the mental and psychical abuse I suffered.

Does he still have his right? My name is devan and i live in victoria tx im trying to find help cps has my kis there are useing stuff that was court ordered bye a judge in port lavaca tx to get ride of all of that lies they had one me he told me i could sue cps if it ever get comes up…well from it it back…. I was in prison.

I put off my motion until after my release. I have the absolute right to contest the adoption. It was taken from me. They also changed my sons name and again never notified me. What can I do. This happened to my cousin last Friday. His 3 year old daughter got burnt with a clothing iron. He and his wife as good responsible parent to her to the ER. The city took their daughter and asked them to also bring their other child, but they refused to do so and took the child to the grandmother.

This was on the news on Univision on Friday night. It was heartbreaking. They could not do much but pray and find a good lawyer. They arranged for their daughter to stay at a family member who has a daycare. But they still wanted their other child. On Sunday while the grandmother was out and the house was empty , Child Protection broke in with no right or warrant. They checked everthing even the backyard and when they saw that there were camaras recording, they ran out.

The neighborhood association and their landlord all got together with Child Protection and told them what good parents my cousin and his wife are and they returned their daughter back home. Send these bastards to jail…you sue their pants off…. Please keep us posted. I have psychological problems and I do take medication. I still find it unjust that all these years my children have not lived with me. I am still part of their life but only every other weekend. Being on a CPS case brought so much hurt and pain on myself and on my children.

I did their service plan, that was court ordered twice and it still was not enough for me to regain my kids. I had a job, had an apartment and was trying to make it as a single parent. God only knows how I managed to juggle all my bills plus do all the required assessments that they asked of me. I agreed for my children to go live with their grandparents, because CPS pressured me into it. They threated me saying that if I would not do this I would risk being a part of their life because they would be placed with other people.

My life has been so hectic over this and I rest with regrets, but I had no other choice. At this moment I am acquiring a college bachelor degree and I have learned to live with such heart ache. I never used drugs or have such a financial burden where I could not take care of my children. I still cannot underline the main reason CPS took us on this course of life. I have a third child that has lived with me since the day he was born, he is now 10 years old and has a healthy life.

Its safe to say he loves me and he has everything plus more that he needs. I wish I could of done this for my other two children, and how I missed out on because of CPS involvement not being fair. I hope and pray that this issue gets resolved in this Government agency that is set to help people, but in many cases it just makes things complicated for those that really cant defend themselves. I see them as a big bully system that only sees things as one sided.. I wish you all the best of luck and there will be justice in the name of God.

God Bless. I pray God will use me and my three sons and these violations by the county employees that have violated my federally protected freedoms and rights and those of my children to have injunctive relief ordered no to cease the further abuses of children by the county employees oh Heavenly Father please continue to carry us the weary parents father God please help us to do what we are meant to do so that your will here on this earth my be done please father hide not your face from us and deliver the promises you give us in Psalm 69 oh father God these evils must not continue our hearts are broken and this is not right please help these abuses come to light so that all may see what the government is doing to your children father God do not let them abuse in secret and in my case discriminate in secret any longer for it is criminal conduct perjury is committed with every social worker report accepted by dependency court judges and referees oh father help us.

Thank you for praying, Cassie. God is sovereign over all and the best source of help. And Jesus is the greatest healer ever known to humankind. He was sent here to heal broken hearts. I pray that all these people whose hearts are broken will be healed by His precious love. Your babies will be back I know my son who is 18 came back he had his own life but he still comes and sees me. So it about killed her not being with her sister for the first time for her 15th birthday this year. I want them in my kids life and I just want to be a part of it too long as my kids want me to be.

I lost mine 11 years ago in Oct and 9 years from when I lost my rights In July. This is not intended for legal advice but look at 42 usc ask your arrorney about it. It states you can sue cps employees personally for violating your constitutional rights. Look it up and ask your attorney to see if it applys to you. I will check in too that they removed my stepdaughter for abuse from her mother Which never happened she had been on medicine of prozac and risperdone and she went crazy seeing things hearing voices. That happened to me, too!

Note: — no court order. Obviously neighbors called CPS while I was talking to my daughter? Later, CPS with a police officer came to my house with paperwork, trying to get me to sign it, giving them custody. I refused. I am really sorry that you and your children are going through… My family also are going through same thing with the CPS.. They stole my 3 children due to know lights… Yes no freaking lights.. Its been 8 months.. Still they wont allow my children to come home.. They cut him and laugh at him.. Its on youtube channels on rotbake… My husband and I were arrested..

They brutally attack my husband and throw him in holding cell without any water for 3 whole days.. Made up false fraudulent charges on us.. Doubled our bail.. We havent seen our children since Sept. They sent 2 HCSO dupties after us with guns saying were upsetting the wrong people and wont never see our children again.. They are nothing but sick pedophiles and social path.. And baby stealers for federal money… Moms needs to yell or scream out loud so people wont ignore us.. Good luck and God Bless..

Please email me or call…. This is something you should stay quiet about until the time comes when you can sue the corrupt child welfare officials who attacked your family. If I was to post this now, the post would be seen by CPS social workers scanning this site. They would tell the CPS social workers in your county.

Everything you wrote would be in the Google search engine that indexes this site, along with the names and location. Your secret would be out in the world and they would find a way to exploit that. So for the safety and well-being of your family, I decline to publish the comment.

I want you to be able to proceed as you intend and sue them. Good luck with all of that. Thanks for deleting names, etc, for him, though. Hi June — I intended my reply to be on the site… but not his comment. You must be subscribed to the comment feed. I will do these things differently in the future. Thanks for letting me know. I have not had peace since last Friday night. I came back from having dinner with my family to find a note inside my mailbox from a CPS Social Worker.

They did this as revenge! She wants to come talk to me and my husband and interrogate my kids away from me. Is that even something I have to let her do? I agreed on letting her in, but after talking to my husband I called her back and told her she will need a court order. How can I protect my family? Stick to your rights, but I would also strongly suggest getting an attny a. It definitely helps! We went through that and had an attny, and it was worth every penny. Try to find one who will work with you on payments, if necessary. Do not talk to the them or let them in your home. They will your words, husband word and children words.

They will bring chaos in your home. Children will become confuse. I gained 75 pounds and loss my job because of Dfacs. Pray and let them take you to court. Do not cooperate. They will divide your home. Read Psalm The 4th amendment protects you and also the 5th amendment. Update about my case I went to court unaware of what exactly I was alleged of doing wrong. Whoever took their precious time to call CPS had too much time to make up outrageous lies.

Everything was senseless and crazy. They told CPS I had 3 kids living with me which are 2. They could even tell them the right ages. They also said my kids did not attend school or out from the home. Also that they could hear my husband and I watch porn and have sex all day with the kids around and last but not least, that we were manufacturing crack cocaine inside my home.

The judge found the allegations ridiculous also because the caller failed to the facts about how many kids, their age and that I live in a house with no downstairs and uptairs and they mentioned how my kids were downstairs while we slept till 3pm. FYI, my husband works 6 days a week and is asked to do drug tests from his job. Protect yourself. In any way possible. This corrupt system has me heartbroken and shocked right now. My daughter fell on the stairs and onto some toys in her bedroom both within two days in December and had a huge bruise on her backside. Within a few hours, the night they came..

That night the cps worker and two police officers who never identified themselves who came to my house made us return to the hospital because the woman who called cps was a nurse, not a MD. They also had the MD look at my other child who had not a single mark on her.

Those pictures are the cause of my daughters being away from me for 4 months now. Trial is not until Aug. I feel so crippled.. The specialist who did a report for cps at Westchester Medical never even saw my child. She was on vacation. Did thr report based on cps furnished photos.

They twist everything you say, they hesitate with action to purposely prolong the situation. They took weeks to get my girls into counseling and they law guardian appointed to my daughters REFUSED to speak to them at first saying the pictures convinced him I was lying! No one working for cps except the initial worker who took them has even spoken to , or interviewed me at all. I never thought something like this would happen to me in a million years I am left helpless, unable to even speak in court.

They blatantly made a mistake and are taking as long as possible to prove us innocent. As a note to all parents in relation to children being bruised in normal day-to-day play, etc. Buy Arnica cream not the kind diluted in the store…but pure, if possible. As a family who raised baby calves, a milk cow and a coupla of horses for a few years, bruising was inevitable with our daughter anything from being kicked by a baby foal to being stepped on the foot by a cow.

However, we always treated the bruises with Arnica cream, and no matter how bad, they disappeared overnight. In all that time, I only had to take her to her doctor NOT the ER for an ankle sprain caused by a playful dog wrapping his lease around her ankle. April , I will pray for you. Do not let them in. You have your rights. On December 17th tragedy struck. As we are trying to cope with what news we had just got and grieving, Child Protective Services called us demanding we come in for them to see our children, we couldnt figure out as to why?

My sister and I walked into the office asking questions and told them our children were with their Grandmother on the way to Tacoma. The Social Worker said she needs to see the children immediately. We apologised, at that time that they werent in the area. On the evening of December 23rd at around pm we received a phone call from a Social Worker telling us we had court the following day Christmas Eve at 1pm. At that point it was made clear to us there was false allegations against us in August while we were in Montana with my Father who had just found out he had cancer.

On December 30th we went back to court but with a different judge who promptly removed my children. Not for neglect or abuse social workers had NO proof or evidence and I would never hit either of them! CPS took my kids for no reason. The social worker on my case refuses to corporate with me. She wont call me back, refuses to set up my meeting, wont to tell me what im suppose to do to get my kids back, I am not court ordered to do anything but enrolled myself in parenting as well as did counseling.

Nothing is adding up! For the past 39 days we have been fighting non stop to get our children returned to us. As we headed into the courthouse a Social Worker met us at the door, handing us a piece of paper stating the new reason we could not have our children returned home to us is cuz we are on a month to month rental and not on a year lease. I have a question.. We both did uas he came up with meth and I came up clean, 2x a week for a couple months.

Went back to court and by this time my sons father is in jail and since then cps has been picking me apart still doing uas 2x a month when I never gave them a dirty one, making me go through a psychiatric evaluation because of some things my ex said while on meth.

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I have witnessed the case worker blantly lie on the stand. Saying I told her these crazy allegations when I never did. Anything I said to her, she flipped it into negative and considering I never gave them a reason to be in my life, they wear me out and take up unnessary time of the only parent there for my child which is me. Not once have I given them a ua that would make it nesassary for me to be doing 2 uas a week for over 4 months now.

I need help fighting these people who have no just reason to be in my life. What are my options? You need to hire an attorney that specializes in your constitutional rights!!! Get a civil federal lawyer in another county and fight for your right. The lawyer will work payment arrangements for you. I had a raid an was charged but i got out the same day cause no record children an youth said that the gun was by the kids an so did the police but in my discovery it was said to be out of reach of the kids i had someone to keep my kids while i went to jail for the 6hrs i did but they still got the court to sign so hey can put them in placement but the only reason they have to keep my kids is because of my pending charge an the judge says should u take all kids that parents have a pending charge so i was trying to see if i had a case or not.

Fully Loaded Legal Consultations will help you create all of your motions, affidavits, and will even create your civil complaint. My name is Jeff a father of 9 children including our newborn boy only 3 days old.

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We have been harassed consistently now for several months by a CPS female investigator who lies and has no respect for the law. Our attorney seems unsure how to handle her and tries to manipulate us to cooperate with this CPS baby thief. Walks through our newer 6 bedroom brick home and checks the place out then leaves. She does this a second time the next day when we ran to the store each time making sure my wife and I were not home so she could bully her way past my daughter.

Avoiding making contact with our attorney before trespassing on our private property which is posted and she has been told by the attorney she is not allowed to be on the property. It all started with a minor dog bite incidence and the dog is not here yet she still persist on making sure the dog is not in the home. She has broke our constitutional rights most of all amendment It has been traumatizing to our children.

I really let out my emotions in anger today when they came strooling up my private driveway knowing I was angry and fed up as we trying to welcome our new son into the family. I believe we have a very good case to file a Federal action law suit against this female worker and her partner.

Any tips?? Thankyou and God Bless. CPS destroyed my life I am suffering because of them. They stalk me. They go to my child 4year old school asking dumb questions. They are liars. I am going to homeschool my children because of them. I withdrew my child out of school because my 5th ammendment was violated. The court told them they do not need to see my other children. My oldest child was taken out the house but he didnt want to follow the rules.

If I had money I would create a safe haven for parents like us. I might move again because of them.

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Please help me my son was taken in to cps custody when he was born supposedly because his mother had another child already in custody at the time of his birth i was 17 years old and had no idea that i even had a son beans she put the baby on another man even named my son after him dss did a dna she finally told them i was the father i was in prison at the time so i came home trying to get my son i had just recently found out about.

I wont ever forget when the school called me and told me that her father resigned her from school. I have had my daughter since birth. I found my passion. I need help I want my daughter back please someone point me in the right path. I have not even been able to talk or see her in over a year. It has been three years since our case was closed and my daughter and granddaughter were returned to it. But as bad as all that was, the worst came from the physical, emotional and mental abuse the girls were put through while in group homes.

We are in Texas. Would it be too late to file a case against them now? If the statute of limitations has tolled no more time to file the attorney would be able to tell you. June, you asked if it is too late to file in Federal Court after three years. Your best bet would be to consult a licensed, experienced civil rights attorney in your area.

You need a local attorney to help you with this. Please I need help i do not have faith in my legal abilities i am just looking for an advocate i will do anything that the advocate tells me…. I try to show everyone how to become their own best advocate. If you want to sue in federal court, please look for a licensed, experienced civil rights attorney to help you — not just some person off the streets who claims to have a little legal knowledge, who wants to call themselves an advocate.

It is a burnout job for them…. CPS destroyed my life. They took my kids and accused me of whipping my son in the face with a belt. I did not own a belt. I buy my clothing to fit. But anyways, they took my 5 year old son and my 3 year old little girl. The mark on his face was a round pea size mark under his eye from hand grip on bike handle bar. Before this point they were at my house 2 to 3 times a week for 4 years.. He lives with my sisters. They hold the cps over my head and tell my son that I beat him.

He tells them no, he remembers what happened and he did it on his bike.. And they are. Is there something I can do to the cps like sue them so i can get that wall down and get my son home? Michael, it is probably too late for you to sue Child Protective Services for something that happened many years ago. However, it is not too late for your son to sue, and he could do that now with the help of an attorney, or he could do that within the first year or two after he turns It would help to have a family law attorney to help you with this.

I live in Col Ohio. I have custody of my daughters oldest son. Her other 3 were put in foster care because her or husband severely abused their 5 month old, but I have had her 3. CPS took her also, with no abuse on her because she lived with me. I was young and dumb. Is that legal? Cindy — yes, it is legal if they can get a judge to agree with it. If they want to blacklist you, they can. What to do to fight that? I hope you can find something that works for you. How can a child be taken into custody — a newborn without a emergency order from a judge?

How could that be legal and 8 months later there is still no order? I was not from the state I was forced to deliver my child in so why would that state make claims that there is jurisdiction in that state? Again with no order from a judge at that, just allegations, no filing with an order. The case has been in front of 3 magistrate still no order…. PD — Sorry I had to delete your name to protect your privacy. They can pick up the child then within 72 hours in most states there has to be a shelter hearing at which the judge decides whether the child can be safely returned to the parents, or if the child should be kept in an out-of-home placement.

If the parent refuses to sign and asks for a full trial, they have a fact-finding hearing. The disposition hearing is like the sentencing, at which the matter is settled. After that you should be given a list with your court ordered service plan, if it has gone that far. Lisa, thanks for letting us know about going before the board of supervisors so they can reply.

I hope you are able to appeal and win. I need help. I want my kids back. My court appointed attorney is of no use. Here is my email reunification[at]gmail. I was falsely accused of things by cps and had my newborn taken from me, she was still in NICU, and was discharged to a foster mom! I was called on a Fri by cps to tell me my child was being taken and a shelter hearing was scheduled on that Mon!! Everything they r accusing me of is a lie!! This is so wrong on so many levels, I have documents to prove everything that they are accusing me of is false and lies that they pulled out of their asses!!!!

Please someone help me get my daughter back, or help direct me in the right direction!! Theresa what state do you live in when did they take your kid kids and what did they say their reason was. I am going through the same thing. I have not heard from her. Wow so sad what has America come to?? I will fight for my family and my legal rights until the end! DCF state of Indiana has hijacked and kidnapped my children and wrongfully gave them to there father.

The Fourth amendment states : Entries into private home by child welfare workers involved neither search or seizure under the Fourth Amendment and thus can be conducted without either a warrent or probable cause to believe a child is at Risk of Harm. Also violated 4,14,1st,6th amenmemt right of are consituational rights! Kristy z u go girl, but I cannot stress enough, document, document, document everything. Get all paperwork from them. You can make copies. Then go through your copies and highlight anything that violates your rights, civil or parental. Also, not only do they violate those, they are also breaking the federal laws, titles 42 and 48 usc section chapter 47 which takes you to the federal courts out of their court.

They then have 6 months to talk with cps. They can agree or disagree to every single claim and what you want or you will take them to federal court and file your lawsuit against them. You will then have two years statue of limitations but no longer. If you have a court appointed attorney you have a right to all paperwork on your case. Be real nice to his secretary. Cannot do theses things and knowing, use them in court against you.