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A fun read and worth a look. Besides entertaining readers as armchair sleuths, Lee gives them a glimpse of what's found on the other side of the camera. And it's certainly not always pretty.


A fast and furious read and a great second outing! Characters so real you feel like you know them. Like all great mystery writers, Lee holds even the non-mystery fan's attention with his in-depth view of the local TV news industry. For anyone who ponders the political machinery of the Magnolia state or for the casual observer who often wonders what is left off the record, this novel is a fun ride She's smart, tough and unrelenting in fighting the corruption that's just below the deceptively genteel surface of Jackson.

Hartinger Geography Club once again gets at the heart of teen dynamics with this tale of year-old Lucy Pitt, who has been in the foster care system for eight years. As the novel opens, she arrives at Kindle Home, known as the Last Chance Texaco, like "those gas stations The premise is unique, and Hartinger creates a strong sense of group home life by breaking down the rules—both those the counselors enforce and those the kids uphold for each other—and with snapshots of such scenes as troubled Roberto having a "meltdown" at dinner and Lucy sorting out her feelings for a boy as she shoots baskets with counselor Leon.

The author convincingly portrays Lucy as someone who wants to come across as jaded, but who realizes the run-down mansion is "almost like a real home. While readers will easily empathize with Lucy, other elements of the novel, such as the development of her romance with Nate, a "jock" at her new school, seem fake. Unfortunately, the mystery over the car fires further derails the story from its focus on Lucy's transformation. They live in Brandon. Joe Lee has a younger brother, Stuart. When Joe Lee was five years old, his family moved to New Jersey and lived there until he was eight.

In , they moved back to Jackson, Mississippi, where Lee attended St. Three years later, his family moved to Starkville, Mississippi , where Lee attended Starkville public schools. He graduated four years later with a degree in Communications. He has since worked in journalism, radio, and television.

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Joe Lee has always been a creative person. Lee visualized a story about a jock-type student he had his roommate in mind meeting his cousin and eventually falling in love with her. Lee wrote around forty pages, but stopped, not knowing where he wanted to go with the story. Lee took what his wife thought was a boring job and turned it into a page-turner. Lee began writing On the Record in , but because he was working full-time in television until the end of , it was not until before he committed all of his time to writing.

Most of , Lee spent working with an editor, revising what he had already written. In , he began searching for an agent or publisher.

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Jacobs about the process of writing and publishing books. Joe Lee has now written eight novels. Lee owns and operates Dogwood Press, a small but traditional publishing company in Brandon, Mississippi, which he started in In addition to his own works, he has published fellow Mississippi authors John M. We publish books each year, primarily suspense fiction. All of my authors get out and pound the pavement—it takes authors traveling and meeting people not only in independent and chain bookstores, but at festivals and public libraries.

The Mississippi Book Festival, only launched in , has proven to be an instant success and has gotten national coverage each year. It was a tremendous honor, again this year, for two of my authors John Floyd and Susan Cushman to be on author panels in front of large crowds inside the Mississippi state capitol. Photo by N.

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    Born in Jackson, Mississippi, in June, Lived in New Jersey from Returned to Mississippi in and attended St. Moved to Starkville and attended Starkville Public Schools. I graduated in Attended Mississippi State University from Do you have any brothers or sisters, if so what are their names?

    He and my step-mother Marilyn are realtors and live in Dallas, Texas. My mother passed away in