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But sifting the sand from Oman into a narrower size range purified its tone, as these two sonograms from the lab experiments show. The exact value of the tone depends on the grain size, and a mix of sizes produces a mix of tones. A song without a dune is as if a violin string could be stroked with a bow and produce its note without the violin.

I feel that as we learn more, the whole story will come to embrace both the dunes and their sands. Geological Survey for six years. He has written on geology for About. In writing about geology in the Bay Area and surroundings, he hopes to share some of the useful and pleasurable insights that geologists give us—not just facts about the deep past, but an attitude that might be called the deep present.

The Kelso Dunes are one of the rare sites where sand dunes can be made to sing. Science is still puzzling over the physics involved. Loved it! Even though its a short story, it kept me captivated from the beginning and I just wanted to know more! The characters were great, the descriptions made me feel like I was also part of the story, and the plot was very intriguing and fascinating!

A lot of gruesome in this page novella! Tastefully gruesome, if that makes sense? Nightmare after nightmare occurs as a family runs into some bad characters on a camping trip. Also told is the backstory of the main character, Jamal, who as a young boy had woken up to hear his parents killed in the room across the hall from his. His mental wounds are slowly healing after being placed with old family friends - the nice family he is out on the campout with.

Jamal has been through a lot but Wow.

Crescent Spring and Singing Sand Dune

Jamal has been through a lot but resolves not to allow another family go down again if he can do anything to help it. Pretty satisfying ending, but the book has left me feeling jarred. It was entrancing, bringing me in at the beginning paragraphs and never letting me go.

  • The mysterious case of Kazakhstan’s singing sand dune and Canada’s humming beaches;
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  • Singing Sand Ravine;
  • Yilisha Holiday Village!

Though several times I wanted out of the madness, I also couldn't force myself away from it. Kind of frustrating though is that there was never a resolution to the original crime, the deaths of Jamal's parents. No one knows why they were murdered, who did it and why they left Jamal behind alive. He was actually renamed for his own protection before he is sent to his new home. There could be another great story scenario with Jamal now going on to investigate and redeem his parents' killers??

If you like horror, I would recommend this as a good 'quick fix'. I read it within just a few hours time. It's very fast paced so the violence seems 'packed in' really heavily.

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  4. Why the Sands of Many Dunes Sing, Boom, and Even Burp?
  5. The Ring of Winter!
  6. Contrary to Marco Polo’s tales, it’s not because they’re full of mysterious spirits.
  7. Witness For The Defence (National Service Capers Book 3).
  8. I found it a satisfying, if a bit disturbing, but for something different Aug 03, Sally Balboa rated it it was amazing. I think that it is safe to say that reading this book was a lot like getting a quick hard punch to the face. It leaves you breathless and gives you a sick thrill, you weren't aware that you were craving. I really liked this, I don't know what I was expecting when I started reading this but I'm glad I didn't see it coming. The Singing Sand follows Jamal after his parents gruesome murder, he's now living with some old family friends that were long ago names his godparents.

    Now the family finds them I think that it is safe to say that reading this book was a lot like getting a quick hard punch to the face. Now the family finds themselves on a yearly family trip deep in the woods without cell phones or any technology. No more then a few minutes into the trip a fight breaks about Jamal, leaving the family in chaos and the daughter running out into the woods towards the car.

    From there, there are gun shots, rape, and murder. Nothing brings you closer as a family then a trip to the woods. There is so much intensity in this book, and it's amazing because the beginning makes you think that this book will be moderately normal, maybe show the hardships of our young main character, then some other predictable thing with a strong morale like love your family or you choose your family. Something simple and un-complex like that. The author would have none of that,and I'm glad he had none of that. I like this story much better then the expected one. Nov 09, Sharon Liddy rated it it was amazing.

    This book is fantastic it keeps you intrigued throughout. It's a can't put down book , even if you try it pulls you back to finish the story. Highly reccommened. Nov 10, Christina rated it it was amazing. Great first book, Very easy read but captivating througout. Kept my mind darting off on different angles. Must read!

    Travel in Dunhuang

    Cannot wait for the next one to be released, each page keeps you hanging on. Its a real Page-Turner and beautifully written. Nov 18, Jess Liddy rated it it was amazing. A book I just couldn't put down. I found myself captivated and intrigued throughout. Im hanging off the edge of my seat for the next one to be released! Feb 14, Cyndi rated it it was amazing. What a good short story!


    I wish it was longer. View 2 comments. Nov 18, Craig Young rated it it was amazing.

    Very impressive first novel, had to read it in one hit. I am looking forward to reading more of this authors work First novel I have read from cover to cover in a while I recommend it to anyone.

    Singing Sand Dunes Explained

    Jan 15, Bev Walkling rated it it was amazing Shelves: novella , kindle-book , young-adult , relationship-issues , crime. This novella packs a major punch! Nov 12, Millie W rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Adults. I'm writing a quick thought for those who are yet to read this book. Get ready to be taken on a quickfire emotional roller-coaster; to momentarily but frequently! I would encourage readers not to be 'put-off' by the initial slow pace of this book, as it soon quickens and you will be well strapped-in for the ride leaving any sense of doubt flowing far I'm writing a quick thought for those who are yet to read this book.

    I would encourage readers not to be 'put-off' by the initial slow pace of this book, as it soon quickens and you will be well strapped-in for the ride leaving any sense of doubt flowing far behind! I absolutely loved the way this story was structured - Jamal's past and present written parallel. As someone who does not read or usually enjoy thrillers, I was incredibly surprised at my enthusiasm to devour these pages and my impatience for it's sequel, Quietus!

    Incredible work for One's first ever book. A great introduction to a great author. Looking forward to future works The water in the lake is very clear all year around. The sand mountain sings because it is divine while the spring is beautiful because it is miracle. Tourists get thrilled and distracted no matter when they have a bird's-eye-view of the beautiful sand dunes from the top of the mountain or wander beside the clear spring. Travel in Dunhuang. Attractions in China. Ask a Question. Crescent Spring and Singing Sand Dune.

    History Crescent Spring in the early Han Dynasty was already a tourist attraction. Tang dynasty there was barge in Crescent Spring and along the spring was the temple. On the south bank of the spring there was an original set of quaint, picturesque buildings, from the east to the west there were hundreds of rooms including Goddess Temple, Dragon King Palace, Bodhisattva Temple, Medicine King Cave, Thor Altar and more.

    In main temple there are hundreds of painted sculptures with the hundreds of painted murals. Here, at the time, pavilions and temples were glorious, colonnades. There is green and lush forest, the spring mingled with the scenery of the mountains that reflected, the ancient temple has endless stream of pilgrims and there are incenses curling upwards around a year. According to historical records, Han dynasty Yuanding Period fourth year B.

    Thus the special Crescent Spring became even more legendary. One year the beginning of April, the temple held the Bathing Buddha Ceremony, devout men and women came here to burn incense and worship. When Buddhist activity carried out to the "holy water", the abbot served a bowl of holy water handed down from Leiyin Temple and placed in the front of temple door.